The E1B2 Collective

A Human First Collective of Brands & Practitioners built and design to change the way organizations design work and implement employee experience. We put people at the heart of everything we do and we do so by building a collective of brands, minds and perspectives to help us accomplish a bigger mission. Our collective design enables us to impact the world of employee experience at every level of an organization in a variety of different ways and functions; creating the frameworks that help brands operationalize our core perspective of putting “employees first business second”.

Monday Anticipation

Monday Anticipation is a mindset, a culture, a vibe... something we all should feel. Monday Anticipation is a culture we all should be excited to embrace and be apart of. This energy manifests itself in the form of multiple brands and services that are all designed to help employees anticipate and get excited about Mondays!

Project 2030

Project 2030 is an informative exchange designed to empower, teach, educate and inspire the next generation of people leaders.  Our hope is that through our information sharing the world of work 10 years from now “2030” will look a lot different. Our hope is that we will inspire the next generation of people leaders and brands to put people first and business second! Project 2030 is a series of fireside chats/keynotes that are held at the university level! Our goal is to give talks and educate up-and-coming HR and people leaders at every university in America!

What is The Startup EX?

Startup EX is a service that helps startups operationalize thoughtful employee experience. We realize that building a startup is incredibly difficult and at times you forget to focus on the most important part of this process which is your people. We also realize that once you do decide to start focusing on your people many startups tend to over work and spread there HR team of 1 too thin thus strategic thinking and planning to make employee experience thoughtful is difficult. So we decided to start a service that will bring in a collective of proven, experienced , thoughtful professionals that are experts in various domains of employee experience and bring them in to work hand and hand with your team to thoughtfully craft your people operations approach.

Our transformation projects will teach your leadership team the EX fundamentals thus your brand will walk away with a proven process for reimagining work , a new world that your employees will love and your business will love.

Beyond Brand Studios

Beyond Brand Studios, a podcast where we interview leaders of startups and have thoughtful conversations;  the good, bad and ugly of the startups current culture the role an applicant is applying for and the current state of leadership. The hope is that we help leaders unpack what the true day-to-day experience an applicant will face for a particular role. Our goal is to not only help the brand make sure they are meeting with applicants that are truly on board with the current state of the organization; and  the hope is to also give employees an opportunity to be selfish and make a decisions that’s the best for them!

Our mission and purpose with the Podcast to help both the employee and the employer find internal and external peace/productivity throughout the recruiting, hiring and on-boarding process

What People Are Saying

"I'm honored to mentor and support you in co-founding this amazing initiative"

- Founder of Claire Chandler

"Anthony & The E1B2 Collective blows me away with there tailored empathic approach and drive to focus on improving employee experience for all"

- Former Director of Operations @ Newfit Sports

"This is something that needs to be built and I'm glad the collective are the ones making it happen"

- Startup Lawyer

"Anthony & The E1B2 Collective blows me away with there tailored empathic approach and drive to focus on improving employee experience for al"

Former Director of Operations @ Newfit Sports

"I know for a fact I could have used this 18 months ago before my HR team grew, the value of having a team to support me when I was a team of one would have been so helpful .. I know for a fact I would have learned so much and would have avoided so many pitfalls that made things extremely difficult"

- Current CHRO

"Anthony & The E1B2 Collective has completed changed my viewpoints around how I engage with my current and future employees"

- CEO of Mindstand

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Meet The Collective

It takes an unusual person to disrupt decades of tradition but I know for a fact The E1B2 Collective will change the world of work that demands bravery, vulnerability, and curiosity.

The amazing people that make up The E1B2 Collective are a combination of internal team members that work day in and day out to keep things stable , and domain specialists in the ways of organizational culture and transformation. We are coaches , facilitators , academics, organizational psychologists , startup veterans who find the work that we do truly inspiring and impactful.

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Startup Transformation : Consulting & Advising

You know you need to drive change and make your people more of a priority but you don’t know how. Your a startup founder that has decided to put your head down and create a great product/brand, but now you realize you have a team around that deserve a carefully crafted culture that helps you attract and retain top talent; as well as continue to develop great product.  We will take the time to develop a real understanding of both your team , current leaders and business to design and deliver your brand a custom Employee Experience/HR Department A-Z, that we call “The OS”.